Thank you for dropping by. Epoxy Global is bring to the market exciting innovations to the rapidly evolving epoxy industry.

When we think of Epoxy we ofter think of industrial or garages. Not anymore. New additives, materials and vibrant colours make Epoxy an indispensible material for residential purposes as well.


  Office and Commmercial

  Industrial applications.

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Endurance Flooring for every application

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Proven and timely solutions for large scale shopping centers .

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Customers reviews

As the lead Builder for the Health Care Home Lottery, we chose Epoxy Global for their absolute attention to detail in every install. From Garage to Rec Room. A Dream Home deserves the very best in endurance flooring.

Maclntyre Homes

The metalic floor installed at out retail so was impeccable. The addtion of our corporate logo was executed flawlessly. We vetted a number of Epoxy installers, we are glad we chose the team at Epoxy Global

Suppliment King

The St John's International Airport recently had the pleasure of using Epoxy Global to apply endurance flooring to one of our Airport Hangars. Quality at a reasonable cost was just two of the reasons we will continue to use Epoxy Global.

Airport Authority

Epoxy Global solved an adhesion issue within our new facility, we were constanlty re-doing our floors to get it right. They evaluated the root problem and installed a system that has lasted for four years now.

Atantic Hose

Certified & Trained Installers

Epoxy, Concrete, Polyurethane Sika, Stonehard, Takimo, Beast Bond

Multlevel / Large scale projects

Insured and bonded to work in security, financial, medical, commercial

Proven Customer satisfaction

both residential and commercial after sales follow up = peace of mind

multiple 5 star reviews

In just 7 short years we have become the 'go too' company for flooring

Concrete Design and Textures. Timeless Statements of Strength and Style. ask us about our new CONCRETE services.

Epoxy flooring is durable, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and stains, and provides a seamless, attractive finish.

Epoxy Global's core business is providing high grade Epoxy Flooring for both residential and commercial sectors. Since then it has hrown it operation  to offer other forms of endurance flooring, concreete services. More recently it has added bespoke residential grarage solutions.  

Installation time varies depending on the size of the area and the condition of the existing floor, but it typically takes 2-3 days for residential projects and 3-5 days for larger commercial spaces.

Diamond Polished and Sealed, Concrete Elegance, Grounded in Strength.

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